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About us

Your company deserves
a reliable supplier.

Whether you produce hazelnut spreads, nut bars, chocolate bars or simply sell different types of raw nuts, we have what you need. High-quality hazelnuts, grown right here, in our country. Because top-notch products need top-notch ingredients.

This is why we grow our hazelnuts on a 88 ha orchard of hazelnut trees in the West of Romania and we take great care in every single one of them. In order for your products to be tasty, our trees need to be happy.

Our company's main focus is producing and supplying high-quality natural hazelnuts of different varieties for other businesses. Depending on our client’s needs we offer our hazelnuts raw, roasted or even in paste form. Your satisfaction and the quality of the products we offer are our top priority.

This is why our employees are all working together, like a family, to provide you with the best hazelnuts we can produce, at the highest standards.

frunza frunza

Our products

Over 88 ha
of hazelnut
trees await
for you!

Natural Raw

Hazelnuts in their purest form.
Use them as is or process them
into exactly what you need. It is
that simple.


Who doesn’t love a good hazelnut
spread? Maybe with a dash of chocolate
as well. Buy your hazelnuts all
ready-to-go. Crushed, grinded and made
into a paste, in order for you to save time.


Save yourself some time and choose
our roasted hazelnuts.
We toast them in-house in order
for you to be able to skip directly
to your next production step,
or simply sell them as they are.

In order
for your products
to be tasty,
our trees
need to be happy.